BunkerTrust is committed to making the bunker supply market more transparent, so that it is clear for shipowners and crew which bunker barges and counterparts are delivering the best overall service. This will also enable bunker barges and Suppliers/Traders/Brokers to prove that they are delivering outstanding products and service by ensuring that the perceived value of the customers (shipowners) is first class. Now the shipowners and receiving vessels can rate the bunker operation and the service received by the bunker barges, suppliers, traders and brokers around the world.



1 Create Your Shipowner profile

By signing up, you create a new profile and you will be the assigned administrator of this profile. Shipowners are either headowners or charterers who operate the vessels. When the shipowner profile is approved you get access to your dashboard, and can start rating bunker barges and Suppliers/Traders/Brokers. Bunker barge operators can create a profile and assign all their barges to their profile, whereby all ratings of their assigned barges will appear in the dashboard. These ratings can then be commented by the bunker barge operator. Suppliers/Traders/Brokers can also create a profile, whereby all the ratings given by the shipowner operators will appear in their dashboard. These ratings can also be commented by the Supplier/Trader/Brokers.

create profile
create profile

2 Bunkering process

When the shipowner Dashboard is updated with all operated vessels, the shipowner operators can start creating bunker operations. When a bunker operation is created, the Master will receive a notification and will, on the day of expected bunker delivery, receive an invitation to rate the performance of the bunker barge. When the rating is received, the shipowner operators will be asked to rate the performance of the Supplier/Trader/Broker.

3 Rate and Review bunkers

After the bunker barge and the Supplier/Trader/Broker have been rated, they are invited to comment on the ratings. All ratings will appear in the respective Dashboards, from where all ratings, comments etc. can be managed. The ratings and rating details will also be available from the search page, on which customizable searches can be made on e.g. a minimum rating in a specific port/anchorage.

create profile



Choose Among The Best

Our aim is to make the bunker industry as transparent as possible. Therefore you will be able to choose between the best performing players in the market.


Advanced Search

When taking on bunkers, use our search engine to search the bunker barges, suppliers and traders in the area your vessel will call.


Easy Management

We have made a designated dashboard for all shipowners, bunker barge operators and Suppliers/Traders/Brokers so that all rating related matters can be easily managed.


Authenticated Ratings

We have advanced algorithms to check the authenticity of each rating. Further to this each rating is manually checked before it is approved.