Yes, Charterers and operators can use the system. The system is set up so that a receiving vessel can be created once for a head owner but can be created multiple times as disponent owner.

We do our utmost to ensure that the ratings are accurate and true. We have algorithms checking the proximity of the receiving vessel and bunker barge at the time of bunker. Also each operation is checked manually to ensure accuracy.

Yes, when the bunker barge has been rated by the captain. The operators are invited to rate the service delivered by the supplier, trader and/or broker.

Bunker barge operators can create a profile in BunkerTrust and assign their barges to the profile. Once these barges are receiving ratings, the bunker barge operator can comment on the ratings and manage from the Dashboard.

Yes, we offer a multitude of APIs and integration solutions. We have already integrated into some of the most common shipping systems. This means that the bunker operations are created automatically in BunkerTrust, once a bunker stem (bunker port) is entered into the shipping system. Please contact for further details.

You can go to our pricing site here. Basically the system is free for shipowners, TC and operators who provide ratings to the system, while suppliers, traders and bunker barge operators have to pay a monthly fee to get a Pro subscription.

If you contribute to the system by providing your vessels' ratings, then BunkerTrust will always be free of charge. This means that Shipowners, TC and Operators who add their ratings will always get full and free access to the rating details.