Subscription Package

BunkerTrust monthly subscription packages


€ 138 / MONTH
  • As shipowner you can get a free Lite subscription by providing a minimum number of ratings per month - you will automatically upgrade.
  • Get full access to all rating details of bunker barges and Suppliers/Traders/Brokers
  • Search specific port/anchorages around the world to find best the performers.


€ 0 / MONTH
  • Create a free shipowner, bunker barge operator or Supplier/Trader/Broker profile to test the system.
  • Shipowners can with the Free subscription start rating bunker barges and counterparts.

PRO SUBSCRIPTION @ € 358/month

€ 358 / MONTH
  • Full access to all rating details
  • Create bunker barge operator profile or Supplier/Trader/Broker profile.
  • Register all owned/operated barges (as bunker barge operator)
  • Receive ratings on barges or ratings by shipowners as Supplier/Trader/broker
  • Comment on ratings and manage ratings from Dashboard
All shipowners/operators/TC will have unlimited and perpetual free subscription as long as they provide a minimum number of ratings per month.